Daikin VRV IV product Introduction DUK-DX5 (Live Streaming 09:00am start time 7th & 8th December 2021) Fully Booked


An Introduction to the Daikin VRV product range. This course will include Heat pump, Heat recovery, BS box and Fan coil basic Installation requirements.

Short quiz questions will be included at the end of each session, the course will also include a final course assessment bank of questions at the end of the session 4.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion.


This course will be delivered over a Microsoft Teams meeting. You will receive 1 calendar invite for the 4 short sessions required to be completed closer to the start date.

  • Session 1. 09:00am 07/12/2021 (duration 1hr 30mins)
  • VRV Product overview: Nomenclature, System build up, Heat pump, Heat recovery, BS Box and fan coils available.
  • Mini VRV (R32) 
  • VRV Water cooled, & VRV-i
  • Session 1 Quiz questions! 
  • Session 2 11:00am 07/12/2021 (duration 1hr 30mins)
  • Mechanical Installation:
  • Positioning of Outdoor unit, BS Box and fan coils
  • Refrigerant piping limitations, Joints, Headers, connection to outdoor unit.
  • Brazing and the use of Oxygen Free Nitrogen
  • Condensate drainage
  • Session 2 Quiz questions
  • Session 3 09:00am 08/12/2021
  • Wiring Installation:
  • Various System configurations
  • Power supply, & safety requirements
  • Interconnecting cabling
  • Centralised control devices
  • Session 3 Quiz questions!
  • Session 4 11:00am 08/12/2021
  • Basic guide to commissioning:
  • Pressure testing
  • Evacuation
  • Power up, when and why?
  • Additional refrigerant charging and use of the app
  • Daikin Madoka Basics
  • Final course completion Quiz questions!


img07 December 2021 09:00 am start


imgInstallation and commissioning engineers

img6 Hours

imgLive Streaming Training

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