Altherma Hybrid Monobloc Standard Installation Level 1 DUK-H14 (Live Streaming 09:00 start time 17th & 18th February 2022) Fully Booked


Installation requirements & System start up procedures

This course will include short quiz questions at the end of each session, it will also include a final course assessment bank of questions at the end of the session 5.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate of successful completion.


This course will be delivered over a Microsoft Teams meeting. You will receive 1 calendar invite for the 5 short sessions required to be completed closer to the start date.

PLEASE NOTE: The DUK-SE15 on line Altherma product introduction course must have been successfully completed prior to being able to register to attend this course.

  • Day 1: Session 1: 09:00 17/02/2022 (duration 1hr 30mins)
  • Hybrid concept, Accessories, Installation of the Outdoor unit, Mounting of the Boiler, Domestic Hot Water Cylinders,
  • Session 1 Quiz questions!  
  • Day 1: Session 2: 11:00 17/02/2022 (duration 1hr 30mins)
  • Session 1 Quiz answers. 
  • Installation of the Wiring, Outdoor unit, Boiler, Domestic hot water cylinder,
  • Session 2 Quiz questions!
  • Day 2: Session 3. 09:00 18/02/2022 (duration 1 hr 30mins)
  • Session 2 Quiz answers. 
  • System Hydraulics, Outdooor unit, General pipework, Connection to the Boiler, Insulation considerations, Automatic Bypass Valve, Flow rates, Water volumes, Hydraulic separation & Esbie valve set up,
  • Session 3 Quiz questions!  
  • Day 2: Session 4. 11:00 18/02/2022 (duration 1hr 30mins)
  • Session 3 Quiz answers.
  • Water Quality, Anti freeze valves, Glycol, Expansion vessel set up, System Pre start up checks, 
  • Use of the remote controller
  • System deaeration
  • Session 4 Quiz questions.
  • Day 2: Session 5. 13:00 18/02/2022 (duration 1hr 30mins)
  • Session 4 Quiz answers
  • This session 5 is Intended for Gas safe registered Engineers only. To be able to attend this session please send a picture of both sides of your gas safe card to
  • Boiler Components, Flueing options, NG/LPG changeover, Filling of the system and Boiler condensate considerations, Boiler control panel, Boiler commissioning, Boiler fault codes.  
  • Final course completion Quiz questions!



img17 February 2022 09:00 am start


imgInstallation and commissioning engineers

img8 Hours

imgLive Streaming Training

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